About us

ASIA VETERINARY SDN. BHD. or ASIAVET has been in business for 40 years, it started out as ASIA TRADER in 1972 and later transform to private limited company, ASIAVET in 1981.

Its businesses cover the whole Malaysia market is East & West Malaysia markets as well as the overseas markets and it is still expanding. As part of the expanding process, ASIA NUTRI-CHEMICAL SDN. BHD. or ANC (ASIAVET subsidiary company) has achieved for the GMP status and will manage according to the GMP standard on March 2011. With standard systems being accredited to the Company, ASIAVET is able to guarantee that all products are of good quality and meet the international standards.

Our core business is the importation of animal raw materials, nutritional, and medicaments for distribution to local and overseas livestock industry.

Over the years, ASIAVET has been granted many products’ local distribution right in Malaysia by many prestigious overseas multi-national manufacturers. The following are some of the overseas multi-national manufacturers that have granted us the rights:
  L-Lysine  HCL 98.5% - BioChem Dacheng
  L-Lysine Sulphate 65% - BioChem Dacheng
  L-Threonine HCL 98.5% - BioChem Dacheng
  MDCP 21% or PCS 21% - PCS Potash, USA
  DCP 21% - Lomon
  DCP 18% - HongHe
  Sodium Bicarbonate - HongHe
  Corn Gluten Meal 62% - Daseang, Korea
  Chlortetracycline (CTC) - Fuzhou Antibiotic General Factory
  Neomycin Sulphate - Yichang Sanxia
We aspire to achieve the following:
  1. To seek business supplier providing quality goods and services to satisfy the needs of the Malaysian and overseas livestock nutritional and medicament industry.
  2. Upgrade our corporate health, matching the standards set by the Security Commission, taking hints on profitability, encourage employees’ participation, professional management and aware of social responsibilities.
The Company business profile has been drawn up for the following objectives:
  1. To seek business participation with manufacturers for products distributions in Malaysia and South East Asia market.
  2. To create awareness of the company image among customers, suppliers and competitors.
  1. Expand animal premix manufacturing plant’s activities (customix);
  2. Diversify more into pharmaceutical & nutraceutical industry;
  3. Monitoring quality of goods with standard procedure.
  4. Develop strategic alliance with potential market player.
In June 2004, ASIAVET has moved to its new factory building in Bukit Minyak, Penang. The new factory building is situated on a land with the area of 103,000ft² in total with warehouse occupied 42,500ft² and office occupied 17,200ft². In June 2008, ASIAVET has brought a new warehouse in North Port, Selangor. The new warehouse building is situated on a land with the area of 196,020ft² with warehouse occupied 130,000ft². The company has staff strength of 50 experienced staff. The company is strategically located in Penang and Selangor as these locations have provided us good infrastructure link International Ports such as Penang Port, North & West Port in Klang. As well as the whole Peninsular Malaysia via the land transportation which is easy to find and cost saving.